Contemporary Artists
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Clyde Aspevig (1 Work of Art)
Inspired by the sagebrush and wide open horizons of Wyoming and Montana, Clyde Aspevig is a landscape painter who does sketches on location and finishes the work in his studio. Although he was trained to be an art educator, he has had little formal training as a painter, but has studied the work of artists he much admires including John Singer Sarg...
James Ayers (1 Work of Art)
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Harley W. Brown (5 Works of Art)
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Gary Carter (2 Works of Art)
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Arturo Chaves (1 Work of Art)
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Fred Fellows (1 Work of Art)
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Luke Frazier (1 Work of Art)
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Shawn Gould (11 Works of Art)
Exploring the Iowa countryside in his youth, Shawn established his connection with nature and his curiosity to see more. He now feeds his curiosity exploring the beaches and mountains near his Northern California home. The local landscape and wildlife provide abundant inspiration and reference material for his work.Shawn began his art career as an ...
Martin Grelle (1 Work of Art)
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Hennie Hartwig (2 Works of Art)
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Gary Johnson (22 Works of Art)
Gary Johnson is a nationally known wildlife and landscape painter who paints the beauty and inspiration of the natural world. His artwork has been juried into the prestigious,  Arts For  The Parks Top 100 competition (1996, 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2005), winning the Grand Prize Gold Medal MiniatureTop 100 in 2005. He has also been juried into Art and ...
Ramon Kelley (3 Works of Art)
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James Kermott (4 Works of Art)
James Kermott’s sculpture career began during his 35 years as a science teacher, a dedicated waterfowl hunter, and a field trial judge of pointing dogs. His first pieces were working decoy blocks which later evolved into intricately carved ducks and game birds of the decorative class.  These were soon sought by private collectors from Maine to Japa...
Allen Knowshisgun (11 Works of Art)

Knowshisgun was born in 1978, In Billings Montana. “My work represents my vision of creating breathtaking paintings that border on photographic ethno realism.” His passion is painting Warriors, Animals and Native American Lodge’s with historical accuracy. His works echo his Crow-native American culture. In 2003, Allen received...

Lee Kromschoder (1 Work of Art)
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Mehl Lawson (2 Works of Art)

A determined mindset, along with raw talent, has made Mehl Lawson one of the most successful sculptors on the Western art scene today. Lawson’s interest in Western art developed over a period of time, as an offshoot of his first true love, horses. “From the time I was born, I loved horses,” he states, “And since my folks could...

Mark Martensen (14 Works of Art)

Mark Martensen Artist: Mark Martensen was born July 8, 1958. Mark Martensen has always had a simple approach to life and Art, most refer to it as the “Cowboy code” As a young boy The Wild West Movies and shows were always his favorites they seemed to reinforce the same principals his Father was teaching but they were also fill...

John Modesitt (14 Works of Art)
John Modesitt was Born in New Mexico in 1955. John is a California, Western Representational/Impressionists painter who’s style is reminiscent of the style of Edgar Payne, Guy Rose, Maynard Dixon and Joseph Henry Sharp. Like these early masters, Modesitt paints what he feels about nature and translates his emotional and spiritual experiences into r...
John De Mott (1 Work of Art)
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Grant Redden (6 Works of Art)

Grant Redden lives and paints in southwestern Wyoming in the rural community of Hilliard with his wife and family. With no formal art training, he has studied under the tutelage of several master artists in today’s art world: Mark Daily, Jim Norton, Walt Gonske, Gerald Fritzler, Gerald Merfeld. He has also immersed himself in ...