Clyde Aspevig
Mt. Carmel Winter
Contemporary Art
Oil on Canvas
24 X 32
Price: SOLD
Inspired by the sagebrush and wide open horizons of Wyoming and Montana, Clyde Aspevig is a landscape painter who does sketches on location and finishes the work in his studio. Although he was trained to be an art educator, he has had little formal training as a painter, but has studied the work of artists he much admires including John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, and Winslow Homer. His obvious talent has won him prestigious recognition including the Frederic Remington Award and the Robert M. Lougheed Memorial Award, both from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. He is a member of the Northwent full time. From 1988, the couple has lived in Loveland, Colorado where he remodeled an historic church for his studio. Aspevig travels widely to paint, choosing landscape subjects in the Southwest and the West including along the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers, and in foreign places such as England, Italy and the Caribbean. Of his feelings about nature, he says: "Paintings are a spiritual communion with nature which results in my celebration of life. Toward this end, I yearn for country that has not been tainted by subdivision, power poles, billboards, and water slides. I choose to paint my pictures as if I, or the viewer, were the first person to set foot upon the landscape". Sources include: Peggy and Harold Samuels, Contemporary Western Artists Donald Hagerty, Leading the West.