Allen Knowshisgun
Apsaalooke Warrior of the Plains
Contemporary Art
Mixed media
22 X 28
Price: $3400

Knowshisgun was born in 1978, In Billings Montana. “My work represents my vision of creating breathtaking paintings that border on photographic ethno realism.” His passion is painting Warriors, Animals and Native American Lodge’s with historical accuracy. His works echo his Crow-native American culture. In 2003, Allen received his B.A. in American Indian Studies Haskell Indian Nations University. In 2005, Allen received his M.A. in Indigenous Nation Studies from the University of Kansas. Allen has won best of showMontana and was recently excepted by a juried panel to be included in the C.M. Russell museum show and auction, as well as the 2006 masters in miniature show for the C.M Russell Museum.