John Modesitt
Autumns Embrace
Contemporary Art
Oil on Canvas
22 X 26
Price: SOLD
John Modesitt was Born in New Mexico in 1955. John is a California, Western Representational/Impressionists painter who’s style is reminiscent of the style of Edgar Payne, Guy Rose, Maynard Dixon and Joseph Henry Sharp. Like these early masters, Modesitt paints what he feels about nature and translates his emotional and spiritual experiences into rhythmic color compositions on canvas. "Before I start a painting I ask myself what am I trying to say. This gives me a clear understanding of where I am going and how I will get there. "I paint what I see, but, I compose what I feel by refining the natural composition. This may mean adding, deleting or moving objects in order to build a natural rhythm into the painting." Modesitt and his wife, Toshiko and their daughter Emily, live part of the year in California close to the San Diego foothills, which are the subject of many of his paintings. Their second home is on 40 acres of land at Griselles in the Burgundy District about four hours south of Paris. Whether in California traveling the West or France, Modesitt is up early in the mornings and outside with his easel and canvas for plein-air painting and study. In California, he often travels to New Mexico, Montana and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which have been the content of some of his most recent works. "Mountains and Desert landscapes are my favorite subjects. When I am searching for a location, I go beyond the developed areas to places where I can see nature 360 degrees around me. No houses, highways or commercial developments. Sometimes I spend days searching for a location to paint." He is a purist in every aspect of his art from composition, color and technique to the paint and canvas materials that he uses. For example, all of his pigments are hand ground to aformula and consistency that matches the palette of the early California impressionists. He prepares his canvases (cotton or linen) by using a lead-based primer or Gesso. He then coats the surface with an archival safe varnish to assure that his artwork will last for many generations to come. Once primed the canvases are tinted to give them warmth and depth. "I am big on surface quality. Up close I want my paintings to have a rich surface of pigment handling, and as you move away into the distance color and composition give the subject a sense of rhythm and life. I don't get attached to anyformula, it's dangerous. However, I generally paint from the shade into the light to divide planes in the composition and to give drama and depth to the subject. I have a reverence for all objects in the painting. Everything becomes essential. The details in distant mountains are as important as the center of interest which is the reason for the painting." Modesitt plots out his compositions in a medium tone line with a #2 round hog hair brush and switches to larger flats to block in the darkest tonal areas. "Each painting is an unraveling truth. I usually start with the areas that inspire me the most and then work around the canvas adding shadow and highlights first and then progressively adding more and more detail until the painting is complete." Modesitt started painting at the age of thirteen. "My father's poster collection of French Impressionist paintings were my initial inspiration to paint and draw. Monet was my favorite, I knew even then that painting would be my life's work." Although, oil painting is his medium of choice, he also works in glass and watercolor and has earned a number of prestigious commissions for his glass sculptures from clients such as the Joffrey School of Ballet and the Broadway show "Cats". He studied painting at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and traveled extensively throughout the world in search of new inspiration for his paintings. His works are collected in both hemispheres from the Dali Lama in Tibet to art collectors in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Modesitt has exhibited his works in one man and group shows in Chicago, New York, Tokyo and many other national and international venues. John continually pushes the limits of his talent in his never ending search for perfection. Source: Eclectic Art and Objects Gallery, reflects information provided by the artist January 2001. B Eric Rhoads, 'John Modesitt', "Plein-Air" Magazine, October 2004. The following is from the artist, who lives in Solano Beach, California: Born 1955, New Mexico Education: 1985-86 Study at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL 1981-84 Study at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY 1981 Private Study of Sculpture, Townsend Studios, New York, NY 1978-79 Associate of Arts Degree, Cabrillo City College, Santa Cruz, CA 1978-79 Studyat the Santa Barbara Art Museum, Santa Barbara, CA 1976-78 Oil Painting, Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA Cronology & Exhibitions: 2001 Edenhurst Gallery, Beverly Hills, Ca, Group Show 2001 Courtyard Gallery, Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. 2001 The Exchange Fine Arts Gallery, Orange, CA, New Works 2000 Eclectic Gallery, Pitts., PA. One Man Show 'Works from France' 1999 Banks Fine Art, Dallas Tx. One Man Show 'Paintings of Normandy, France" 1999 Gallerie Gabrie, Pasadena, Ca, One Man Show 1998 DM Gallery, La Jolla, Ca. 1997 Robson Gallery, San Diego, Ca, Group show 1997 Bijutsu Sekai Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, A New World of Art, International Juried Group Show 1997 Poulsen Galleries, Pasadena, Ca. 1996 San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, Ca, taught a class on impressionist painting techniques 1996 Global Art, Osaka, Japan, One Man Show 1995 Del Mar Gallery, Del Mar, Ca, Group shows 1992 Constructed a home/studio in Solana Beach, Ca. 1991 Moved to Solana Beach, Ca. 1991 Traveled to Hungary and Romania to paint 1991 Traveled to Japan to paint 1990 Painting outdoors on Fox River, IL 1988 Sculpture commissions, Chicago, IL 1985 Horizon Galleries, Chicago, IL, Group shows 1985 Moved toChicago, IL 1984 Traveled to China to paint 1983 Traveled widely in Midwestern U.S. to sketch and to paint 1984 Traveled to China to paint 1982 New York Experimental Glass Workshop, New York, NY 1981 Designed sculpture awards for the Broadway show Cats, New York, NY 1981 The Glass Garden, New York, N Group show 1980 Moved to New York, NY 1977 Gallery 113, Santa Barbara, CA, Santa Barbara Art Association Invitational 1976 Director, Gem Art Gallery, Santa Barbara, Ca 1968 Began painting with oils SELECTED PUBLIC & PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Dali Lama, Tibet Mr. and Mrs. Jean Frost, Santa Barbara, CA Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wiodek, San Diego, CA Mr. and Mrs. Chris Schuckmann, San Diego, CA Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Nielson, San Marcos, CA Dr. Mose Durst, Oakland, CA Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weiss, San Diego, CA Dr. David Rueder, Pasadena, CA Mr. and Mrs. Perry Cordell, Las Vegas, NV Mr. and Mrs. William Jones, San Diego, CA Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnes, St. Charles, CA Mr. and Mrs. James T. Frost, Santa Barbara, CA Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hickler, Wellesley, MA Mr. Masatada Kawano, Shigaken, Japan Mr. Shigeki Nakamura, Shizuoka, Japan TEACHING: 1996 San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, Ca. 1988-89 Private Cl1978 Art of Painting in Watercolors, Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz, Ca. COMMISSIONS & PUBLIC AUCTIONS: 1982 Broadway Show, Cats, New York, NY 1983 Joffrey Ballet, New York, NY 2001 Christies, Los Angeles, Ca. 2001 John Moran Auctioneers, Pasadena, Ca. BIBLIOGRAPHY& BOOKS: The Artists Blue Book Modesitt: The French & California Paintings Davenports Art Reference Franklin & James North County Times, San Diego, CA, February 13, 1998, Local Painters Transform Outside World by Patricia Morris Buckley Daily Courier News, Chicago, IL, December 10, 1989, Touch of Glass by Mary Buchwald World and I, July-August 2005, Reflections of a Modern-Day Impressionist by Glenn Straight PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: Santa Barbara Art Association California Art Club John Modesitt has the uncanny ability to capture that perfect moment in time..... the one that you would remember forever. His canyons are majestic, his gardens are lush and his skies are astonishing. The masterful use of light creates a powerfully uplifting environment and his color sense makes reality transform into romanticism. To see his paintings up close and personal, is to experience the magic of remembering your first love, your best vacation, or the birth of your child. Modesitt captures the essence of awe. Kathleen Guzman Kathleen Guzman is a recognized appraiser and auctioneer with over 25 years experience in the art and antiques industry. She has personally auctioned over 1,500 sales with over 500,000 objects valued at over a half billion dollars. She brings 15 years experience from the world-renown international auction house Christie's, selling such items as a Monet watercolor for $4.3 million and the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz for $660,000. She was the former President of Christie's East and President of Phillips Auctioneers, as well as Senior Vice President of Business Development at ebay. Ms. Guzman is frequently quoted in print, radio, and has been seen on television regarding the art and antiques market and spokesperson for the art market on such shows as the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Today, CNN and Sally Jessy Raphael. She has appeared as an expert on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW for the past 10 years, as on-air host for American Life TV Flea Market Mania, host at QVC, and frequent guest for the Treasure channel satellite cable station in Treasure Seekers and Metro TV's Antique Show and Sell. She also has co-starred for the pilot TV show For What It's Worth with Robin Leach and is an on-air expert for the Discovery Channel's TV show It Takes A Thief. Ms. Guzman is a contributing editor to the Miller's Antique Collector's Books writing articles and has recently written a catalogue on Henri Matisse. She was the Director of Hubert Gallery, specializing in Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso for two years, and is now professionally an independent consultant, a USPAP-certified art appraiser, writer, and charity auctioneer. Ms. Guzman is presently the New York representative and chief auctioneer for Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas, Texas.